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Why Sell your music online with us?

For over 16 years, artists have collaborated with us. And we have cleared the way to bring life to their music. Our collaborations with artists have gained them a name and a unique space to showcase their talent.

Reach all major online music stores in just a few clicks. Increase your chance of getting noticed and reach millions of fans. If you think your music deserves an audience, then it is time you sell them. And sell them big. And this is where you do it. The best way to sell music online is right here.

Upload your music, proceed to checkout and trust us. Your music will hit the digital stores in no time. Make your claim to fame.

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Here’s your chance to upload your music quickly and release it worldwide. Apple Music, spotify, iTunes, Amazon and 100+ digital stores for your track to keep playing.

We Release it Worldwide

Why wait when you already have your masterpiece? Start selling your music. We release your music worldwide. More stores and streaming services than you have ever heard of.

You Get Paid

Begin your music career here. Sell your music and get paid every time your music is played. All you have to do is upload your track and we’ve got it from there.Sell soundtracks online.

Distribute Now For Free

No joining fee. No CC required.


Upload Your Music From Anywhere, to Any Platform

Streaming, Downloads, YouTube Monetisation, Publishing. Anything from Anywhere. You earn your money and we'll earn you a name.


Distribute Your Music Globally

Don’t stay a sideliner anymore. If your music needs to have listened to, then it needs to be listened to by the whole world.

Release your music on Spotify and other online platforms and go viral. Get yourself on major platforms like Spotify, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic and many more.


Market Your Music

You are at a high tide in the market of music. Let us help you ride the tide.

Don’t just publish your music. Get noticed. And not just get noticed, create your own fan base with followers, subscribers and viewers. Let them go gaga over your music. Brace up your music marketing with our tools.


Own Your Music

Be the author to your music

We believe in the artists’ independence in their creations. We believe in you as much as you believe in yourself


Make the right choice with Gallery Vision

Because we are authorised. We value your music the way you do. Complete your creation with perfection.


Release your music on more than 100 platforms with our Digital Music Distribution Digital Music Distribution service. Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and more platforms than you know. Distribute your music with us now, and create an international fanbase. Let your music go viral on every social media platform. Once your release date arrives, wait for your music to be streamed and downloaded. This is where you start getting paid. Increase your revenue at every download and music streaming.


The songs you created may be earning more money as it gets streamed. Claim publishing royalties every time your music is streamed on platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok. Your additional royalties for views on YouTube, radio spin or live performance. Every download and sync where you get paid. Your original songs are generating publishing royalties. We will pitch your track for TV and film placements.

YouTube Channel Monetization

Your revenue is generated from the unauthorised use of your original content. Keep a track on who is uploading your content. We protect your digital rights. Earn more while your channel associates with advertiser brands. Additionally helps TikTok and Instagram influencers to set up monetisation, live streams and merchandising on YouTube.

Rights Management

We make sure that your music and its revenue source is protected. We offer Facebook/Instagram rights manager administration on behalf of music publishers, record labels and music production libraries. Maximise your earnings on your music uploaded on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more with your custom agreements and policies.


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