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Indian Music Distribution


The music industry in this digital era is phenomenally different; it offers innumerable platforms for an independent artist to showcase his talent and creations. In this scenario, the Indian scene is no different. For those willing to make it big in the world of Indian musicians, there is a desperate need to understand the finer nuances of Indian digital music distribution. One platform currently being touted is Gallery Vision due to its all-in-one services and user-friendly approach. Let’s see why Gallery Vision can be the best place to sell music online because it enables you to get your music to major platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and YouTube. This is why Gallery Vision is considered the best music distribution for a label.

Digital Music Distribution

Digital music distribution involves submitting music content to platforms that allow listeners to access it. These include streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, online stores like Amazon, and video-sharing platforms like YouTube. To an Indian artist, using these platforms means a worldwide audience that will be listening to and consuming their music, letting it reach its full potential.


Why Gallery Vision?

There are numerous options for selecting a music distribution service, and among them, Gallery Vision is the best platform to sell your music online.

Platform Access

On Gallery Vision, artists can release your music on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and YouTube, among others. That means your music will reach a wider audience.

User-friendly Interface

The software has an intuitive interface, so all the users, including those with low technical skills, can navigate through it and make effective use of it.

Label Support

Gallery Vision is designed to attend to the needs of both individual artists and music labels with their respective label management and distribution tools.


One of the most significant opportunities you’ll avail through working with Gallery Vision is the platform to drop your music on Spotify and other leading digital platforms. This will help you learn how to get your music out there in front of everybody:


Join Up On Gallery Vision

Register yourself, and set up your profile, ensuring everything is accurate.


Publish Your Music

You can use the easy uploading feature of the platform to set your tracks online. Ensure your files are in the required format and meet the quality set by the platform.


Choose Platforms

Select the venue for the distribution of your song.—Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, and more.


Selling Your Music Online

Selling your music online has countless benefits, especially with a platform as robust as Gallery Vision. Taking total control of all releases allows artists to make the calls on their distribution, marketing strategies, and price points. With global reach, distribution will occur across all the critical audience platforms that one chooses to consume music from; reaching potential audiences globally increases opportunities for discovery and revenues.

Best Music Distribution for Labels

It is a perfect music label with the essential features specific to managing multiple artists and releases:

Efficient catalog management

manages any extensive catalog of music effortlessly with tools crafted for efficiency in managing music.

Sales and royalty stream tracking

The platform has detailed financial reports, making it easier for the labels to track royalties and revenue streams.

Tools for Promotions

Gallery Vision has marketing and promotional tools that help the labels promote their artists well on various platforms.

In short, Gallery Vision emerges to be the best platform to sell music online for Indian artists and their labels. With ease of use, full access to the platform, and a wide array of features, it becomes irreplaceable to release music on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and more. Choosing Gallery Vision for artists and labels means their music will reach an audience worldwide, helping to earn the maximum revenue and stand out from the rest in a tight, digital music environment.