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The power of collaboration for indie musicians Mar 01, 2024 |  

The indie music journey is a solo adventure. An independent artist is someone who puts their soul into crafting sound to navigate the constantly evolving music industry. But in this solo journey, featuring and collaborating with other musicians can be a game changer, especially when it comes to getting your music out there. Gallery Vision, […]

The Power of Record Labels in Music Distribution Feb 22, 2024 |  

At Gallery Vision, we understand that the soulful tunes you create deserve to be heard far and wide. In today’s digital age, the role of record labels in catapulting your music into a broader audience cannot be overstated. Let’s unravel how partnering with a record label, especially one that excels in independent digital music distribution […]

The Contrast Between EP and Album  Feb 19, 2024 |  

With Gallery Vision,  today we will share the key differences between one of the mostly used terms in music. Let us unravel the nuances that distinguish EPs or Extended Plays from Albums. It is not just about the beats, and the number of tracks present in it. It is about understanding the unique stories each […]

Maximizing Your Music Presence With Proven Tips and Tricks Feb 05, 2024 |  

In the music industry, online visibility can make or break an artist’s career, so leveraging social media is paramount. At Gallery Vision, we understand the significance of establishing a strong digital presence, especially for independent musicians and bands. Here are some essential social media tips to enhance your reach, engage your audience, and amplify your […]

A DIY Guide: Uploading Your Music to Spotify for Free Feb 01, 2024 |  

“Sync, Submit, Stream: Your Guide to Free Spotify Music Uploads!” In the dynamic realm of the music industry, independent artists wield more power than ever, thanks to digital platforms like Spotify. With millions of active users, Spotify fetches a vast stage for your music to reach a global audience. The best part? You can release […]

Discover Your Music’s Potential With the Right Distributor Jan 23, 2024 |  

If you plan to release your music and distribute it to all streaming platforms, Gallery Vision is your dynamic gateway to the music industry. As the finest music distributing platform, we understand that artists today are not just creators but entrepreneurs of their craft. In this blog, we explore the best way to sell your […]

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Distribute Your Music For Free Jan 10, 2024 |  

Tune In for Free: Strategies to Share Your Melodies with the World In the dynamic landscape of the music industry, the power to share your music with the world has never been more accessible. Thanks to the digital era and the rise of streaming platforms, independent musicians can now utilize digital music distribution for free, […]

Make Your Music Heard: Spotify Easy Release Tips Aug 22, 2023 |  

Have you ever dreamt about listening to your own music on Spotify? Stop dreaming and start acting now! It’s not an unachievable goal. Gallery Vision is here to help you release your music on Spotify and make your dreams come true. Let’s get started! Why Release Music on Spotify? Spotify is a wide-reaching platform that […]