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Managing your music rights and collecting your royalties are no more stressful. We hold a hundred percent responsibility and commitment to managing and protecting your music and royalty rights worldwide across multiple platforms.

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We know how hard it is for musicians and artists to create masterpieces. Is that all? No, protecting your digital music rights and royalties across various platforms globally is a hectic job. And, if you do not manage it properly, others start copying your music and distributing it for free - putting all your efforts in vain.
Here at Galleryvision, we are committed to helping artists bag their rights properly and earn their revenue effortlessly. We ensure that your music is distributed with proper agreements and rights so that you earn royalties every time without fail and get compensated. That's why we've made Digital Rights Manager (DRM). DRM will allow every artist to protect their music free of charge.

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Protect your music rights on YouTube and YouTube Music with a content ID. We help you claim your rights and earn royalties. Earn monthly payments whenever someone uploads a video on Youtube or Youtube Music with your music in it.


Own your music forever and earn royalties. We ensure that you get rewarded whenever someone adds your music to their videos or stories. We help you 'Block, Monetize, or Claim any content around the world that matches your track.

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Be in control of your music rights. Your music will be yours forever.


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We offer reliable, flexible, and tailor-made services to match your specific needs.


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Dedicated support team to help you with music rights, copyright protection, and royalties.

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