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Rights Organically

Be eligible for neighboring rights royalties, and we help you claim them whenever your master recordings are publicly performed, telecasted, or posted on online media.

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What Are
Neighboring Rights?

Neighboring rights, also known as Related rights, are public performance rights associated with recording copyright. For example, every composition has two rights related to it. One is for the composition of the music, with royalties paid to the author or composer, while the other is for the sound recording, with neighboring rights royalties paid to the performer or master owner that recorded the music.

So neighboring rights royalties are earned when sound recordings are publicly performed, played on television, or included in online media. Gallery Vision helps you take care of all your neighboring rights and royalties on your behalf.

Steps to Claim
Neighboring Rights


Get notice of your master recording publicly played on online media, televisions, or stage performances.



Register your master recordings with the local neighboring rights collection societies and make claims.


Collect your neighboring rights royalties whenever your recordings are used, played, or published on any platform or channel.



Apply for neighboring rights and royalties with Gallery Vision, and let us do the rest for you.

Steps to Claim
Neighboring Rights

  • Played on radio or web radio
  • Played on television.
  • Publicly played in nightclubs, shops, offices, cafes, etc.
  • Included in new online media like webcasts, simulcasting, etc.
  • Private copying levy

How to Protect Your
Neighboring Rights?

At Galleryvisoin, it's our duty to protect your music and help you earn neighboring royalties that you are rightfully owed!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What are neighbouring rights?

Neighbouring rights refer to the right to publicly perform or broadcast a sound recording. Sound recording owners and performing artists have the right to claim neighbouring rights when their music is publicly performed or played on television or radio.

2.Who can claim neighbouring rights royalties?

The owner of the master recording and the performing artists can claim neighbouring rights when their master recordings are publicly performed or broadcast.

3.Are neighbouring rights and publishing rights the same?

No. Neighbouring rights royalties belong to record labels and performing artists, while the royalties generated from publishing rights belong to publishers, composers, or songwriters.

4.How are neighbouring rights royalties collected?

Neighboring rights royalties are collected by the local neighboring rights collection societies where your master recording is performed or broadcast in public.